Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer's almost over!

We just booked our tickets to Ohio for Christmas...we're flying out of Dallas on Sunday, December 21st and then flying back on Friday, January 2nd. That's right, folks - 12 days! Tickets were somewhat ridiculous and there was no way we could fly out of would have been over $1000.

When you move away, you don't mean to strand yourself. But it sort of feels like we're on a desert island here sometimes with the gas and airline prices the way they are! So yay for coming back.

Dan has staff training all next week, and then the first day of class next Friday. Here's his school website if you want to see how he spends his days:

I just finished my last summer class and the final exam is due tomorrow. Then I get a break from class (although not work) until August 25th! A website of my school? Okay:
If you click on "Our students," there are pictures of me and my friends :-)

Back to work on my final...

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