Saturday, August 23, 2008

Presidential Elections

(While cleaning up after dinner....and no, we didn't have any alcohol with dinner!)

Kristi: So, if you had to pick between me and you for President of the US, who would you pick?

Dan: Oh, me probably.

Kristi: Well, I'd pick me.

Dan: Based on your personality or your issues?

Kristi: I just don't want you to be president. You're way too hot-tempered for that gig.

Dan: Me?? Hot tempered??? You really think I'm that hot tempered that you wouldn't elect me president?

Kristi: Yeah! You get all yelly for no reason, like today you got all mad at me just because you were cleaning the bathroom.

Dan: GAARRHH!! (pause) I really don't think I'm that bad. You're acting like I beat you or something.

Kristi: I think you would if it was socially acceptable.

Dan: (very offended) What?? Are you serious!? You are being so dumb. I'm gonna punch you in the (almost says face, then realizes what he's saying) I mean, uh, oh crap!

Me: Haha!! See?? I win, I'm going to be the next president if it ever comes down to choosing between the two of us!

Dan: ::grumble grumble::


Scott said...

if i voted for you would you pick me as your VP? I can totally hear Dan getting're right, haha!

I am write. said...

my presidential vote goes to dan, as i am a great supporter of his firm diplomatic standards. the old "punch her in the mouth" ideology is what takes the cake.

Kristi said...

Scott, you could totally be my long as you didn't accidentally shoot anyone.

And Josh, Dan's exact quote is "I like that boy already." lol.