Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fall Semester Begins...

On Tuesday, I started my new classes for the fall. I am taking "Developmental Psychology" and "Psychological Statistics."

I'm really excited about the Developmental Psych class. We get to learn about childhood basically! It's focused on both general development (parenting, self-esteem, peers, etc) and childhood disorders (autism, ADHD, ODD, etc). Because right now I'm thinking I want to work with kids, this will be really relevant toward my work - and even if I don't end up going into it, it is still helpful for now with my work at the Speech Clinic and still very interesting!

The Statistics class should be fine...we'll see...I'm reserving judgment on this one for now. :-)

I'm also TAing a class for the first-year graduate students! The class is called Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and it's basically learning one approach to therapy. That starts this morning, in about a half hour actually. I'm leading the Lab portion of the class. I'm a little nervous about it - an hour and a half is a long time! What are we going to do for that long?!

Dan is chugging away at his second week of teaching. I can't believe how hard he's working - he's been going in at 7 and getting home after 5 every day! He's taking it like a champ though and this year has been going well so far. He's got 5 classes and about 50 kids total (they have small classes at his school) and he's teaching Spanish 1, 2, and 3. So far so good but I'm so glad it's a 3 day weekend coming up because he (and I) can really use one!

You'll also be glad to know our air conditioner is finally fixed. It broke last Thursday and the maintenence man tried to fix it pretty much every day through Monday and somehow never succeeded. Finally, Monday night, he got it working, but the thermostat was disconnected from our wall and he couldn't fix that until Tuesday. (Yeah, can you tell we live in a cheap apartment?) So our apartment went from sweltering to FREEZING - on Monday night we were both shivering all night long with blankets over our bed!! Haha, but I can't complain, because at least we have air conditioning again and now it's finally fixed for real.

The best part of the whole ordeal is that our maintenence guy was in our apartment on his phone with we think his girlfriend, or baby momma, or something, and fighting with her in Spanish the whole time! He even had her on speaker phone! I know for a fact he has no idea we know Spanish so I'm pretty sure that was why he had such a lax attitude, but basically Dan and I just sat there pretending to be on the computer and instead listened the whole time. Dan understood about a thousand times more than I did but it was still fun. :-)

Time to go "teach!"

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mmw said...

it actually made me chuckle out loud when I read about the speakerphone. It was a good thing he wasn't saying.. I've tried to fix this all week and they haven't caught on I don't know what I'm doing and I get paid by the hour. They just sit in here and work on their computer... :)