Friday, August 22, 2008

A Belated (Posting About My) Birthday

Dan had his first week of school this week, and he's exhausted. Although it went well, the move to blocked scheduling has really shaken up his planning he did for this year. Instead of 45 minutes every day per class, he's now spending an hour and 20 minutes every other day with each class. Yikes! I don't really know a whole lot about the logic of blocked scheduling, but it seems like for 9th graders in Spanish 1 that's a pretty long period of time to pay attention...

So tonight we're just relaxing at home and watching There Will Be Blood. I'm not into it at all, but Dan likes it so far...which is why I'm blogging. :)

I thought I'd post a few pictures from my Waco birthday party, since somehow I forgot to do that in the craziness of July. Camden, Lauren, and Cassie organized it for me and invited our whole program out to dinner! There ended up being about 20 people...and of course, no birthday party would be complete without embarrassing the birthday girl. Here's my awesome outfit:

Do I look uncomfortable? Haha...maybe a little. Ever since my elementary school birthday at Chi-Chi's - where I had to count to three to start off the Happy Birthday song- out loud! and standing on a chair! - I've been sort of nervous (petrified?) about these types of things. But luckily everyone was a good sport and no one made fun of me too much!

Here's a picture of Dan and I, just for fun. And the below is a picture of the beautiful flowers Camden got for me that were the table decoration! They were awesome and sat on our kitchen table for a couple weeks afterward...well beyond their actual life, but I just couldn't throw them away. It's so much fun to walk in the door and have fresh flowers waiting to greet you every day.
I'll end with something new I learned at work today! Here it is, Fortune Cookie style:
Your hours of practice writing bubble letters in middle school will pay off when you are trying to impress an 8 year old girl during her ADHD assessment.

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JulieWolfe said...

yeah, did you decide if she had "that A-D-H-T or whatever you call it"?