Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Break = Almost Over

We're back in Waco.

Although it was rough getting up at 5:00am this morning, we had the easiest flight ever - we landed early and our bag was the first one out when we went to get our checked baggage!

We then used our new GPS to flawlessly navigate home from the Dallas airport. We got back to our apartment at about 11:30a.m. Of course, we went and picked up Sammie right away. She was so excited to see us, but even more excited about all her new toys. She keeps running from her duck, to her bear, to her tennis ball...etc. Every time you throw one of them, she comes back with a different one.

Dan spent the afternoon unpacking, going to Best Buy, returning library books, updating our finances, calling insurance companies, and getting gas.

I spent the afternoon playing Wii Fit.

It was glorious.

Tonight we're going over to see Matthew and Camden - she is in town from LA just until tomorrow morning. They are cooking us dinner, which coincides perfectly with our completely empty fridge.

Oh and P.S. I just went running in a shorts and t-shirt. I checked the weather and it's 68 degrees right now with a high for tomorrow of 78.

We have an extra bedroom, if anyone wants to move out of the cold. :)

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Scott said...

I noticed there is a marathon in waco in march...are you training right now?