Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bittersweet Success

Earlier today, I had my final play therapy session with a child I've been working with for about eight months. She came in as a stubborn, obstinate child who refused to do anything for anyone, and threw screaming fits all the time. Today, she left as a smiling, happy normal young child who is no longer a behavior problem at school.

I'm experiencing such mixed feelings right now. I'm feeling happiness that she improved so much. I'm also feeling relief about that! I feel sad that I'm no longer going to see her once a week. I feel nervous - what if the change doesn't stick? But overall, I feel mostly hopeful because I think she is really going to do so much better out in the real world now that she has a handle on her emotions.'s still difficult to end though...I guess this is why psychologists have one of the highest burnout rates! We get too involved with our clients!


Leah said...

How neat that you've had such an important impact on her life!

RDW said...

Print that entry out, put it in a drawer or somewhere handy and pull it out once a month to remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing!