Saturday, January 10, 2009

Month Old Mold


I have not been able to stop laughing for the last few hours. This is why you guys subscribe to this blog. Because only we could have stories like this.

I was about to go shopping (Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS, and Kohls) today when Dan asked me to help with the laundry. I agreed and we carried the stuff from our apartment to the main building of our complex, where the washing machines and dryers are.

We got in there and began sorting the laundry. After a few minutes, I noticed Dan had stopped putting clothes in and was just staring at another washer.

"Um, Kristi...This might sound weird...but are these our clothes?"

I had no idea what he was talking about until I followed his gaze into an open washing machine full of crusty, dry, moldy clothes.


Somehow we (and by we I mean Dan, but I'm not one to point fingers) had left an entire machine full of clothes by accident! And the thing is, we haven't done laundry since before Christmas break!!! These clothes had been sitting in the washer for over three weeks.

I did not stop laughing for...well, I'm still laughing. The good news is a lot of the clothes actually came out okay when we re-washed the load. We had very few clothing casualties.

I just seriously can't believe this. How in the world could this have happened? How did we not notice? How did they not get stolen? And I mean...THREE WEEKS!! How ridiculous does this get?



Matt said...

Who stinks at laundry now! LOL.

Not Telling said...

You know someone else in your apartment complex has a blog and is saying.. I can't believe it.. there's been clothes in the washer for 3 weeks and nobody comes to get them...

RDW said...

It would have been so easy to point a finger in that situation. I admire your restraint! ;)

Kristi said...

Hahaha. So true to all of you. Not Telling, if you ever find that blog, let me know! :)