Friday, January 9, 2009

Guess how I made over $100 this week?

Even better, guess how I made over $100 this week with things we had lying around the house?

The answer - Amazon Marketplace!

I have used Amazon Marketplace to sell textbooks at the end of a semester before, and I've been able to make a decent amount from it. However, now that I'm in grad school, I should maybe keep some of the books I'm buying. I was so tempted to sell some when we got home from Christmas break, but I managed to keep myself in check and instead looked to see what else we had that might sell.

I looked at our movies, CDs, and books. All you have to do is go to, type in the title, and then look at the prices it's selling for under the "New and Used" heading. Most CDs and older books were selling for a dollar or so each, which is a great deal for buyers, but not so much worth it for me. (Although I'm sure it could add up and it would be a great way to get rid of your clutter and give it to people who really want it!)

DVDs were almost all at least $5, though, and I had a few books that were worth around $10.'s the kicker... we had a DVD of "To Sir, With Love" that was worth over $60! Who knew that they discontinued it? I got it for Dan a couple years ago for his birthday, but we'd only watched it once or twice and so it was collecting dust on our shelf. Can you believe people are paying $60-$150 for a DVD I paid $10 for? You better believe we put it up for sale.

The cool thing is that it is SO EASY to sell your stuff. As long as you have an Amazon account, you just have to go to the item you want to sell, click on the button that says "Sell yours here," and basically name your price. Then they will list it for you. I pretty much routinely put in a price that is just a little bit below the lowest price currently listed, with the hopes that a buyer would choose mine first.

Then Amazon emails you when it's sold, and you just have to go to the post office and ship it. They deposit the money into your bank account, minus a commission and plus a shipping credit (which basically end up cancelling each other out). I put 5 DVDs and 3 books up for sale on Sunday, and this morning sold the last book - with a total earnings of $112. Of course it really helped that we had that one DVD worth so much, but still, all the $5 and $10 sales add up really quickly.

There is a lot of debate about whether Amazon Marketplace or Ebay is better. If you google that, you can see the arguments on both sides. In my opinion, Amazon Marketplace is a lot easier and takes all of the messiness out of selling online. However, if I had items besides books and DVDs, I'd probably list them on Ebay. I've done both and really, I think they both serve their purpose and you won't be unhappy either way.

We're going to put the money toward our trip to Fredericksburg. By the way, this is the B&B we're staying at if you're interested. :)


Kelly said...

Thanks Kristi! Scott and I are definitely going to do this. We just cleaned out some stuff the other day and have a stack of DVDs and even more books that we wanted to sell. I have bought plenty of stuff online, but haven't ventured out to selling online. Sounds pretty easy! Wish we had that $60 movie to sell, though... :-P

Kristi said...

It's seriously so easy! Selling 8 things took me all of 20 minutes. And you never know, maybe you do have something you never knew was worth money!