Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

I love Monday mornings that start out by waking up late, still hungover from a Nyquil coma, and still feeling like I might be developing bronchitis....

Taking the puppy out for about 15 minutes only to have her not do a thing except sniff around...

And then not being able to find my keys when it's time for work.

Like, really not being able to find them - to the point that I call my husband and he has to drive home from school, give me the spare key he has for my car, and lock the apartment behind me.

Sometimes Monday mornings are just too cliche to even be worth being upset about!


I am write. said...

nyquil hangovers are the WORST.
and, fyi,
you can use this

Scott said...

i think you should have a guest blogger...perhaps dan!