Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the Spot

Update: Dan found my keys. I won't tell you where they were, because it's just way too embarrassing. Or on second thought...I'm supposed to really be revealing myself on this blog, right? Okay. They were on my desk, underneath a piece of paper. 

Josh suggested that I buy the FOFA.  I love it! Christmas idea, anyone?

The vice presidential debates are tonight. I can't lie, I really want to watch them because there seems to be the possibility of some pretty good lines. We'll have to see...

But I don't know why I feel like I can make fun of other people for mixing up things during interviews. When I'm put on the spot, I'm awful at answering questions!! 

Dan and I have these friends, who we actually hang out with quite a bit. They are very scholarly and so we can have some pretty intense conversations with them. Usually, I can hold my own as long as we are just skating along the surface of a topic. There have been a few times, however, when one of them asked me a question and I felt like a complete idiot.  Observe:

::We are talking about our favorite authors and books::

R: I love CS Lewis! 
Kristi: Oh me too! I loved The Screwtape Letters and Mere Christianity.
R: Oh those were good; of course they're some of his more popular works. What else have you read of his?
Kristi: Umm..uhhh....
Dan: Well, we've read the Chronicles of Narnia.

::It gets even worse::

R: Well, uh, that's great...what are some of your other favorite works of literature?
Kristi (searching frantically in my mind for something, anything, but all I can think of this book I'm currently reading, which is The Nanny Diaries!)

::dead silence::

Dan: Um, well, I really like Spanish books, you probably wouldn't know any of them.
Kristi: Uhh... Pride and Prejudice? (The only remotely "literary" novel that I can think of)
R: Oh, okay...(awkward)...well, if you ever want to borrow any of CS Lewis's other books sometime, just let me know.

We are awful. The sad part is, we both love to read. It's just something about being put on the spot like that which turns people into complete idiots! Anyone have any of your own good stories?


Joe Budde Jr. said...

I just finished reading Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. It was a great book. Challenging and very interesting philosophy on life and the economy. Some gems of wisdom to take from it, and some terrible ideas too. I love when you have to pick the good ones, makes you work.

Lindsay is reading Pillars of the Earth and she really likes it. I cant say much about it bc, frankly, I dont know much about it.

And PS, you two are the smartest people I know. So if this "R" is such a smartie, I am quite amazed.

Julie said...

thinking of great quotes, this is one of time magazine's quotes of the day:
"What's happening to Sarah Palin today is like the worst college exam cram period ever." - by her younger sister on her preparations for the U.S. vice-presidential candidate's debate.

Another comment on appearing dumb. Someone sent me the Time quote of the day about a train wreck (actually not funny) because the quote reminded them of me. "It is almost inexplicable how this thing could happen if you had your eyes open."

mmw said...

I watched the SNL version of the Katie Couric interview.. I was waiting for her to ask where South Carolina was (isn't that the question that confused a miss america contestant?) I cannot even imagine what she is trying to learn in a small amount of time. Reminds me of studying for the wrong test :)