Monday, October 27, 2008

Just Another Pointless Sammie post?

or is this the post you've been anxiously waiting for all week? (Julie, don't lie....)

Either way, Sammie turned ONE on Saturday! She had a wonderful day even though she didn't receive a single birthday card or gift in the mail from any of her extended family or friends. (**ahem**)
(Just to be clear, I'm totally joking. I mean, she only cried for hour at most.)

The day started out when Dan woke up and sang "Happy birthday" to her. Next, she got to go on a morning walk!

Then a lovely breakfast, consisting of...well, dog food, but she seemed to enjoy it.

The thing is, I really wanted to take Sammie to Dogtopia for her birthday. But, well, we never quite got around to it. All the other birthday festivities got in the way, I guess. But we are going to take her sometime, and when we do I will let you know because they have a webcam and you'll be able to watch her play all day online!

So for most of the afternoon she just napped on the couch. Oh, and we gave her a birthday present of a rope wrapped into a ball. She played with that for a long time.

That night, we went over to Matthew's house with several friends for dinner, wine, and the OSU game. The dinner was Stouffer's Lasagna (Dan's favorite, as you know) and then we sampled some of the wine that Dan and Matthew had liked from their wine class.
In case you're interested, here were our favorites:

Greg Norman Cabernet Merlot - everyone liked
Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Savignoun - Dan's favorite
DaVinci Chianti - my favorite

Anyway, back to the Samster. Three dogs came over to Matthew's to help celebrate her birthday. (Okay, actually two of them already live there, but whatever...details details). Sammie loved them and played all night! She was so exhausted she slept the whole car ride home.
We had one last treat for her before bed. We put our down comforter back on for the winter! It's finally getting cool enough where we can appreciate it (read: 60 degrees). Sammie was so excited.


And there you have it, another post in the series of "Random and Pointless Posts about Sammie," dedicated to Julie.


Julie said...


total julie shout-out in today's post!

boy, i feel important.

mmw said...

Sorry I missed Sammie's birthday! But it sounds like the card I would have sent would be nothing compared to the total day you gave to her. Just FYI Gracie's birthday is 10/31... (and Pebbles' is 8/13). Now that she's 1, maybe she will be in the blog more?

Kristi said...

Good idea Molly - and don't forget she's 7 in dog years! Gracie's birthday is this Friday, huh? I hope you have big plans for her...