Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm the next Mike Tyson

So I just finished taking a Statistics test. Remember at the beginning of the semester when I said I thought I would be okay in Statistics since I did well in undergrad?

Excuse me while I laugh my head off. (and then go cry a little!)

I just finished taking an ESSAY test in said class, and that sort of threw me for a loop. I understand the concepts reasonably well, but when you start asking me to compare and contrast and explain the advantages of different ones, I don't really think I did so hot.

To make myself feel better, I'm going to tell you about my boxing class! Since the beginning of the semester, my friend Christianna and I have been taking Boxing together at the Baylor rec center. It's an hour and a half long course, and although we spend most of the time just doing conditioning, we're working our way up to doing actual boxing. It's awesome.

Last week, we had our benchmark tests. The instructors want to show us how much better we're getting, so I think twice a semester we're going to be doing these benchmarks to see where we are. Here is what I scored in order from least exciting to most exciting:

4. Sit-ups - I did 58 in 2 minutes. I don't think this is very good; most people in my class beat me. But oh well.

3. Pullups - Okay, so I still can't do an actual pullup. BUT I held myself up in the flex position (so like at the top of a pullup) for 36 seconds!! At the beginning of the semester, I could do 18 so I am very proud of this. My goal is by the end of the semester to be able to do a real pull up. (Please don't laugh at me - I've never been able to do one before!)

2. Pushups - I did 42! Yeah! And they were full ones - the instructor watches you and only counts if you go down far enough and up all the way.

1. Mile run - This is my proudest accomplishment. I ran a mile in.... 6 minutes and 32 seconds! Woohoo!! Of course my lungs were burning afterward and I developed a cough that didn't go away for the next week...but still, I was so happy about this. I never thought I could run fast so this was huge. (Now of course, I think that my one mile time is somewhere around Scott's marathon pace time, so this is all relative...but I'm still happy!)

I've been learning some basic punches too, so next time you see me, watch out!


Julie said...

6:32???!!!! Kristi, that's awesome!

Dan, what's your mile time?

I am write. said...

next entry i want some pictures of the face tattoo you're getting.
plz k thx.

Leah said...

I'm way impressed! Good job!

Maybe someday we can get those sumo-wrestling outfits and go at it! (Way less hard-core than you're practicing, but way more even). Eh?

Kristi said...

Sumo wrestling is good... as long as we can be first in line to wear the outfits. They get so sweaty after other people put them on, it's kind of gross!

Diana said...

what was your best mile time when you ran cross country? what's the difference in your training, and what advice would you give to a 7th grader (is that what grade you were in when you ran cross country?)

Dan said...

Good questions! I really don't remember my best actual mile time, but I think the races were two miles and my best time was 16 minutes and change. I remember my proudest moment that season was when I ran a whole race without stopping to walk at all. :-)

Yes, I was in 7th grade. Advice? I guess maybe don't compare yourself to others but just concentrate on doing better than you did last time. That's how I motivate myself now and how I did back then. I was never the best, or even close, but I was still getting better and by the end of the season I was so proud because I'd gotten so much better since the beginning.

Also, you get to wear cool t-shirts and feel special at school. It's really fun being part of a school team sport. :-)