Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Day In the Life

It's September, football season has started, and the temperature is no longer consistently hitting 100 in Waco.

With these changes, fall has slowly but surely come for us, and with it the typical school year busy-ness.  The other day, the Dean of Students at Dan's high school pointed out to Dan that he has quite a few responsibilities. Dan responded that yes, that was true. At this point he was the proud sponser of the (now defunct) Frisbee Golf Team, the leader of Community Service Club, and the potential Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponser. All this in addition to, you know, teaching Spanish...

The Dean told Dan that he was going to make him a t-shirt that says "Fogle of all Trades." I told him that the t-shirt should actually just say "NO!" 

As I write this, Dan's playing soccer with a community league that he just joined. Last night, he met with the youth leader of our church to talk about the possibility of getting involved with youth ministry. Is my husband great or what? He is so interested and passionate about all these things that although he knows he has to turn down something, he still can't decide which! 

As for me, I am nowhere near as involved in the extra-curriculars as Dan as, but I have my hands full with school and work. The one exception to my no extras rule is that we are helping to begin a young couple's Bible study at our church, and I will be attending that.

To give you an idea of what a typical Tuesday or Thursday looks like, I'll tell you my day today.  I began at 10am with a child therapy appointment. I have two clients, one child and one adult, who I see weekly that are extra - that is, not part of work. They are both clients I had last year and didn't want to stop seeing, so I just see them now on my own time. 

Then at 11, I had class - Developmental Psychology. Today, I finished up a presentation on Autism. We each present three times throughout the semester on a different topic, and lucky me, I got to go first!

At 12:30, I heated up my Lean Cuisine lunch and then presented a case at our Clinic Staffing, eating bites in between talking. We have a clinic staffing once a month, where one person presents a case - meaning they present someone they are seeing for therapy or an assessment to the rest of the program. Usually these are unusual cases or there is some reason that they deserve to be highlighted. I had an interesting case last year that my supervisor had wanted me to present for awhile, so today was my turn. (Unfortunately I wish I could share more but confidentiality rules are rather strict in these kind of situations)

I ran from there to the science building across campus, to my 2:00 class: Statistics. Turned in my homework and  listened to a lecture for an hour and 15 minutes. Then, back to the clinic again, where I had my adult client at 4:00. Think about what you feel like at 4:00 if you've had a really busy day, then think about trying to listen to someone pouring out their life story to you at this time.  Although I'm definitely interested and don't usually have a lot of trouble paying attention, I sure have trouble wording eloquent responses! I feel like by this point in the day my mind has just been bomboarded with information and I have so much trouble synthesizing it and analyzing it in any meaningful way.

I drove straight to the rec after this and worked out for a little bit while reading a magazine. Ahh yes, this is why I love my magazine subscriptions so much - relaxation time! And working out helps me relieve my stress from the day so much.

So there you have it...another day in the life of Kristi and Dan. I admit that I don't typically have such a starring role in everything throughout the day, but that's a pretty similar schedule to my normal Tuesdays and Thursdays. (MWF I'm at work).  I am sure that most of you reading this probably have much harder days than me - I mean hey, I didn't even start until 10am!! But I will tell you, both Dan and I come home completely exhausted every single day! I guess that's what school does to you...and why summer exists....!

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