Saturday, September 6, 2008

Entrepreneurs in Dominica

So most of you have probably met or heard me talk about my friend Andrea. About a year ago, she visited Dan and I out in Waco and we had our first trip to Rudy's BBQ together... this is a picture of us being really nervous about eating in a restaurant that has picnic tables and serves you a loaf of white bread with your meat!

Don't worry, we've since adjusted, and now Dan and I routinely take visitors to get a taste of Texas BBQ.

Well, I think the experience helped Andrea realize how important bread is to people, no matter where you live. Andrea moved to Dominica so her husband, Kyle, could go to medical school there. While they were there, she started up a bread baking business with another girl, Ashley. They were a big hit on the island. Although she and Kyle are back in the United States now, their fame lives on. Ashley's newspaper published a feature article about their business!
(Yes I know, I still can't figure out how to put links in that are just links and don't look like this. Hey Josh, wanna help me out??)
The article tells their story and also includes some of their recipes. Enjoy! I have more if you're interested, and they actually have a cookbook they made as well if you like them.


Mark said...

Yes I know, I still can't figure out how to put links in that are just links and don't look like this.

'Tis easy:

1) Type a sentence like "this is a link".

2) Use your mouse to select the word "link".

3) Press the button on the editor toolbar that has a picture of the globe with a chain link superimposed on it.

4) Type or paste in the desired URL.

5) Voila!

I am write. said...

mark beat me to it.
and probably did a better job than i would have.
so good work, mark.
way to steal my thunder.

Mark said...

>>way to steal my thunder.

No problem-o.

Coolest Cat Ever

Kristi said...

Thanks!! But how did you do it in a comment?

By the way, I voted for Scooby again!

Mark said...

To get a link in a comment, then you have to type in the html directly. That is, you have to use an anchor tag.

<a href="">Go to Google</a>

By the way, Scooby says thanks!