Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend, I:

- Got everything done on my to-do list, except for finishing my presentation, but that's okay because it's not due until Thursday. And it was an ambitious to-do list.
- Wore my CONTACTS for TWO WHOLE DAYS in a row!
-Baked pita bread, that actually came out just like regular bread (i.e. no pocket), but I sneakily sliced them down the middle with a knife and no one was the wiser, and we had delicious pita pockets every day for lunch.
- Wore white pants and white shoes for two and a half days in a row to celebrate the end of being allowed to wear them (I know my etiquette), until this had to be cut short because I spilled on my pants. [Insert absolutely no one being surprised here]
- Went to my favorite restaurant in Waco to celebrate my 8-monthiversary with my husband.
- Watched Youtube videos on Autism for almost three hours
-Updated the background on my blog. Thoughts? I'll change it back if you hate it.

"I don't wanna get up! It's so hard to get out of bed after a long weekend!"

Tomorrow is going to be such a rude awakening....


JulieWolfe said...

kristi, that picture makes sammie look HUGE!!! where's her pinhead? (sorry, dan, it's true.)

and, I really like the new background. very classy.

mmw said...

I'd be happy to loan you some pics of Pebbles & Gracie if you want Sammie to look small...
Happy 8 month anniversary!!

Kristi said...

Julie, does Sammie still look as big in the next posts?? Maybe it's from all the apples she's eating!! She actually stole a piece of pita bread too right from the table when I wasn't looking.