Sunday, July 27, 2008

Zoe comes to visit!

We're watching Zoe, our friends Lisa and David's pug, for the next few days while they are in San Antonio. Sammie and Zoe are best friends - they're about the same size and both love to play and run around together. Our apartment sounds like there's a herd of elephants running around upstairs because they just race back and forth between the rooms. I tried to get a video of it, but every time I'd start the camera they would stop and stare at me. So, here are some pictures instead!

Here's Sammie, lounging on "her" recliner:

Here's Zoe!

Another one of the Samster - I couldn't resist :-)

Here they are together...

They don't leave each others' side. They just run around together and sniff everything all over the apartment.

They pretty much use Dan as a jungle gym:

And finally, this doesn't even show it that well, but Sammie's toys were strewn all over the floor within about five minutes of Zoe being here. Sammie loves to show Zoe all her toys and then they run around with them together.

We have Zoe until Tuesday, so we'll have to see what the damage is by then... :-)


Mark said...

Oh! How exciting! Be sure to not let them watch too much TV or eat too many sweets!

julie said...

that's SOOO CUTE!!!

they always have their tongues out.