Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My New Practicum Site

I started my new job at the Speech and Hearing Clinic last week (we switch practicum sites every year). I'm the staff psychologist - crazy huh? - so they call me in for all sorts of things. The clinic works with kids from preschool up through adolescents who have some sort of speech, language, or hearing problems. They call me in if they are having trouble with behavior, have questions about their intelligence, attention problems, or think there might be family relationship problems. I will be doing some testing (mostly IQ, ADHD, and autism) and some therapy, as well as working a lot as a consultant for the staff. The tests I'll be giving will be kind of hard since a lot of them are completely non-verbal, so you're supposed to gesture and pantomime your way through the directions.

We also started our second summer class, which is simply called "Assessment 3." Basically, the professor can teach you whatever they want. So, we are currently learning the Rorschach - the famous inkblot test! Pretty neat, huh?


mmw said...

I think you need to have a session with Gracie!

Kristi said...

yeah a pet psychologist might not be a bad gig!

diana said...

remind me sometime to tell you my Rorschach (however it is spelled) joke!