Sunday, July 27, 2008

3 1/2 weeks later...

SO UGLY.... :-(
His name is Frank, short for Frankenstein.
Pretty much, I get one of three standard responses when people see this:
1. "Whoa, that's going to be a huge scar. That's awesome."

2. "Wow you're so lucky! You could have [fill in the blank here: hit a tendon, hit an artery, broke your neck, died...]"
3. "Are you worried that it looks like a suicide attempt since you're going to be a psychologist?"


Kathy said...

Oh my. It does look bad. Hopefully you are putting Vitamin E or polysporin on it?

julie said...

kristi that is pretty gross.

what a battle scar.

i ran into a pillar while running and have a bruise on my leg... but you know. not as cool as yours. quit one-upping me.

Todd said...

Yeah I would probably go with option 3 there. Goodness who knew living with Dan could be so bad!?