Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An Eventful Weekend

We're back from Cincinnati! Matt and Leah were married successfully and are happily honeymooning in Mexico now. I have a few pictures from the wedding that I'll put up soon, but I took them with my mom's camera so I have to wait until she emails them to me.

It was great to be back in Ohio, although the trip went way too fast. We are both a little depressed to be back in Waco now, after getting to see friends and family and remembering how much fun we have with all of them.

Let's see, highlights of the trip. I'll tell the longest story today, because I'm sure you're all curious about it. I'll tell other parts of the weekend as I get pictures...

Okay, I had planned out a bachelorette party for Leah on Thursday evening. There were 12 girls meeting at the hotel at 6:30 to go out to dinner at Montgomery Inn and then come back for some presents, drinks, desserts, etc. Well, Leah needed to drop off the centerpieces at the reception site beforehand. We had just gotten pedicures and were running a bit late, so we were in a hurry. I called the woman at the reception site to tell her we were on our way, and she told us to come around to the back door in the parking lot and we could quickly bring everything in to the Crystal Room, where the reception was going to be.

The centerpieces (which ended up being beautiful) were glass vases with flowers in the middle. So we had about thirty glass vases we were dropping off, as well as other random things. I was holding a birdcage in my left hand and then had three glass vases in my right hand - two were in grocery bags and I was holding one. We walked up four concrete steps and waited at the back door to be let in. It was raining, so Leah and I were huddling under a plastic bag she was holding over our heads. I stepped back...where there was no step.... and fell! All the way down the steps and into the parking lot, and I put out my right hand to stop myself, breaking all of the glass vases.

I wish this was a better story. We thought about saying I'd fought off a tiger, or a jealous bride trying to steal Leah's centerpieces...but the truth is, I just thought the landing was bigger than it was and totally lost my footing.

I immediately looked down at my arm and just saw ...for lack of a better word... the inside of it. Little clear bubbles, which is apparently my "adipose tissue." Leah, who is in medical school, immediately went into doctor mode. My arm was gushing blood everywhere - all over the ground, my shirt, my pants...it was a disaster! Right about that time, the woman opened the door to this sight. She ran inside and got two bandaids, and brought them out...then she looked at my wound, and slowly got back up and went back inside with her two bandaids because they clearly were not going to do anything for me.

Leah and I jumped in the car, with an entire roll of paper towels wrapped around my arm. Leah knew the way to the hospital by heart since she's in school there, so she practiced her ambulance driving skills and we zipped over. They got me in right away - I guess that's what happens if you're bleeding uncontrollably - and Leah knew the doctor on duty so I got treated like a star! We also kept mentioning that it was supposed to be her bachelorette party that night and everyone felt very sorry for us.

Leah called the other girls, and the restaurant, and pushed back our reservations until 9:00. The other girls got to spend a quality 2.5 hours together getting to know each other while Leah and I were in the ER. I ended up with 9 stitches in my right forearm, and one stitch on the back of my upper arm/ shoulder area. I have a HUGE bruise on my right leg as well, and cuts all up my hip, side, elbow, arm, etc from a combination of concrete, gravel, and glass.


Leah took some pictures with my cell phone of my big cut. Here it is, at the ER right before stitching:

And here it is immediately after:

I think I'm healing pretty well. It's still pretty sore but it looks like it's doing pretty well, and it's getting a little itchy which I think is a good sign. I have to get the stitches taken out this weekend.

And the adventures of Kristi and Dan continue...


MMW said...

Sure glad Leah isn't going to be a vet :)

aunt diana said...

the poor lady walking slowly was probably trying not to faint! that's a gross photo.

JulieWolfe said...

i'm working on your pictures... they'll get done!