Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wedding Pics

As promised...oh....two weeks ago, here are a few pictures from our weekend in Cincinnati! These were all taken with my mom's camera so they're only from the reception. But - good news - yesterday I ordered a camera battery charger! So in 10-14 days I will be back to taking pictures again.

Here's the bride and groom, Matt and Leah, at the head table:

Here's the bride and maid of honor :-) at the head table:

Joe, Joe and Dan - three of the groomsmen who are all good friends from college - got together to take a picture, and two of them smiled and one of them didn't and here's what happened:

The cake! It was beautiful. They also had smaller ones in different flavors and colors around it.

The Bible Study pic! At every wedding I've been to with college friends, the girls who were in my Bible study and I have gotten together and taken a picture. It's always a slightly different group depending on who was able to make it to that particular wedding (we missed you Andrea, Ally, Allie, Lizzie and Christina!). This picture is Sharon, me, Sara, Leah, April, Kelly, and Jaclyn.
Oh and finally, Mom insisted on taking a picture of me on the scene of the crime - the stairs I fell down two days earlier. Of course we didn't exactly think through the picture, so you can't even see how far I fell or anything, but these are the stairs and there's the pavement - if you look closely, you can still see broken glass from the vases behind me!

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