Saturday, June 7, 2008

We Work with Movie Stars

There's a new documentary out called "Crawford" about the town where Bush's ranch is, which also happens to be about 20 minutes outside of Waco. It's a pretty low-budget film, but I know it's showing at least some places nationwide. I talked to Dad earlier today, and he said he thought it might be playing at the Drexel in it seems like it's probably at smaller, more independent type theaters.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but this is a quote from the director kind of explaining what it's about: "I was duped. I thought that Bush was from Crawford. I thought he grew up there, that he had roots there. When I found out he had moved there in 1999 just before he announced his candidacy, I became very intrigued with what life would be like in this 700-person town to have the then-governor move in, win the presidency and sort of put this town on the map and just explode it...... When I first went in, I was very interested in the notion of political stagecraft and the way in which the town contributed to Bush’s folksy, small-town image, and that element is still in the film. But, ultimately, I found something much more compelling and that was the people of Crawford and their stories. The film really became about them, their story . . . and I think it’s better for that."

The neat thing about all this is that Dan's boss, Misti Turbeville, used to be a history teacher at Crawford High School. Dan has been talking about this movie for a while, because Misti was apparently one of the main people they talked to in it and she has been excited for it to come out. There was an article in our paper the other day where they interviewed the director, and he mentioned Misti by name!

(I'm not sure if you have to log in to read the article, but if you do, it takes like ten seconds and is no big deal)

So it sounds like she plays a pretty key role in the movie. We can't wait to see this documentary -when we do, I'll let you know what I think. But I really encourage you to see it if it's playing anywhere around you and cheer for Misti! Then you'll know Dan's boss on a very personal level, just like you were here in Waco. :-)

[[UPDATE: Okay, I don't know that it's actually coming out in theaters for a while. But here's the trailor:
Misti is the woman who says the parts about"He had to be from somewhere besides the Governer's Mansion..." and "Most people think everyone around here is conservative, but I'm not." Also, here's the official movie site: in case you're interested!]]


Ashok said...

Hey, I was completely wowed by Misti Turbeville when I watched the documentary. I'd really love to send her a complimentary e-mail (I guess it's complementary in it's own way) but I'm not really sure how to reach her. I think the world needs more teachers like her and I'd love to get an e-mail address for her. If you're concerned about her privacy please e-mail me at She reminds me of a high school English teacher I had who taught me to think for myself, no matter what other people told me. I'd just really like the chance to let her know that I appreciate her teaching style and that I think she's doing a fantastic job at making a difference.

- Ashok

Kristi said...

I am so completely in awe of her as well. :-) Misti currently works at Rapoport Academy, and the website is If you go there and fill in the Contact Me form, I've been assured Misti will get whatever message you send and will be able to contact you as well! I know she will appreciate hearing what you have to say.