Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Craziness

We have a crazy month coming up, so I figured I'd share our plans so everyone is in the loop about where we'll be and when. :-)

First of all, my aunts are coming to visit next week! They're going to San Antonio first, then we are all going to spend some time in Waco and Austin together. I'm so excited for them to see where we live and of course, to get to meet Sammie. Dan is going to make use of the golf clubs he brought down here, but up until now have just been sitting in our closet. So they will be here next Wednesday-Sunday, although we'll only be with them Friday and Saturday.

Then on Wednesday, June 25th, Dan will be leaving (at 5:45 am) to drive to Galeana, Mexico with our church for a medical mission trip.

That's our church's website, although I couldn't find any pictures or details about the trip. Basically, he will be translating for our head pastor - they picked him especially for the role because of his Spanish skills! (And maybe they somehow knew he's not exactly the type of person who enjoys watching others get shots...) Dan has been working hard since school got out on his curriculum and things for his classroom. He's made tons of slideshows, word searches, crossword puzzles, and Jeopardy games for each class. He's still got a lot more to do, and that's what he's mainly going to be doing this summer. This trip will be a great opportunity for him to take a break from that, as well as brush up on his advanced Spanish while really making a difference in a community.

I would have loved to go along as well, but there were two reasons that I'm not. First, I get extremely car sick, and it's about a 15 hour drive ....over a 15 passenger van. Okay, I know, I know, it's a mission trip, I need to suck it up. But the second reason I'm not going is because I can't miss class and work, because the next week we're going home for Matt and Leah's wedding!!!

Dan will get back on Monday, June 30th (our 6 month anniversary). The next day is my birthday, and then the next day we drive to Dallas and fly home for the wedding! The trip will be packed. Dan and I are both throwing the respective bachelor/ bachelorette parties on Thursday night, and then attending the rehearsal dinner on Friday, and then the wedding is on Saturday. We can't wait and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures (with Dan's camera - still no battery charger for mine). This will all be in Cincinnati, by the way.

We come back on July 6th. I start my new job at the Speech Clinic the 7th, and will continue with classes, etc. That's when life will go back to normal, somewhat. However, I will be coming home to Columbus August 14th - 19th. Dan will be back to work by then, but I have a short break between semesters, so I'm coming home for a visit! I will definitely want to see everyone.

I can't wait!! The next few weeks are going to be great.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you both! I love and miss you so much!