Monday, June 23, 2008

Fungus, Fotos, and Fun

I have one week left of working with the Talitha Koum kids. I came thisclose to making it....but I didn't. I have ringworm. :-(

The other girl who works over there with me has gotten it three times over the past year, but I figured I was safe since we only have ONE WEEK left!

On a happier note, my friend Pato showed me that we made the Waco paper's photo gallery:

Dan and I, Cassie and Jim, and Pato and Jason all went to a concert together a few weeks ago. Jason, Cassie, and I are all in the clinical psych program together and so we went out together. There were a bunch of activities going on, and as we walked by, one of the workers asked us if we wanted to color. Cassie, Pato and I readily agreed and started coloring fish. Of course, there was a photographer at the stand. We didn't actually make the paper, at least as far as I know (we don't get it delivered or anything) but if you look at number 132, that's Cassie and I, and 133 is Pato.

The aunts visit went off as planned this weekend, and we all had a blast. Dan realized he really likes golfing and has been on Ebay non-stop since we got back trying to find a driver he likes. The weirdest part of the whole weekend was on Saturday. It started thunderstorming like crazy in the middle of the afternoon, so we decided to go see a movie. We get to the movie theater, and there's a sign out front that says: "We just got hit by lightning, closed for the rest of the day." How random! And it totally ruined our plans. But luckily, it stopped raining soon after and we were able to walk around the city some more.

Have a good Monday, everyone!


JulieWolfe said...

I, for one, can't believe there's no "HA Ha!" in Nelson's voice up here already.

If it makes you feel any better, knowing that kind of scared me and now I'm scared of toilet seats again.

Sorry about your luck!

But those kids are cute... don't blame them!

SEE YOU IN A FEW!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

You are in 134 and 136 too! See you soon.

Kristi said...

Wow, Mom...only a mother would recognize me in 134! I didn't even know I was in that one! I'm afraid to ask how long you spent looking at those to figure that out! :-)