Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Baby Pics

My friend Melanie fosters animals for the humane society, and back in October, she took in one of their dogs who was very pregnant. The dog gave birth about two days after living with Melanie to four adorable puppies.

The puppies look exactly like her, right? Well, Melanie ended up falling in love with Lizzie, the mom and decided to keep her. The light brown girl (second from right) is Sammie, and obviously we ended up keeping her! The best part is that my friend Lauren took her brother, Gus-gus, so they all still get to see each other pretty regularly.

Melanie just gave me the CD of their baby pictures, so here are a few of me with Sammie when she was two weeks old. We had no idea we would adopt her at the time - we didn't decide until she was about 6 weeks.

That's me holding Sammie, along with Dan and our friend Camden. Dan's holding Gus-gus although you can't really see it in the picture. Please ignore how gross I look in the next picture - I couldn't resist putting it on here because of how cute our puppy was.

I know...I'm sort of obsessed....

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