Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ten Things I've Learned Since Moving to Waco

I just realized that I have lived in Waco for over a year! I moved down here June 19th last year. So in honor of this, I will post a top ten list on things I have learned since moving to Waco.

1. People living in Texas are extremely proud of their state. This pride extends to their Bud Light: Texas Edition, Ford Explorer: texas edition, and every other product that the producers just stamp "Texas Edition" on it and know it will sell millions more.

2. Southern Barbeque is different - it's not shredded, like it is in Ohio, but it's just pieces of meat and you put on sauce from bottles. And there's white bread involved. Lots and lots of white bread. Which I have observed is apparently for slathering up your extra barbeque sauce.

3. I have personally learned what is ringworm and what is not scabies. Enough said.

4. The Branch Davidian complex and the Bush Ranch are approximately the same difference from the city of Waco. We are more than happy to associate ourselves with the Bush ranch, and will talk for days about how Bush flies in to our airport and how they're likely going to build the Bush library here. We will, however, protest vehemently if someone tries to say that the Branch Davidion stand-off occurred anywhere near here.

5. People in Ohio are really missing out on the concept of "local restaurants," and could gain a lot by gaining more of these.

6. It's hot in Texas.

7. You appreciate your family and friends a lot more when you can only see them every once in a while - and when they visit you, it's almost ridiculous how excited you will get.

8. I don't think I'll ever say "y'all" - "you guys" seems to pretty much be ingrained on my mind.

9. No one down here has ever heard of Miami University, and my refusal to refer to it as "miami of ohio" (that's not the real name!) can cause a lot of confusion. I have a friend who actually thought Dan and I went to school in Florida until a month or two ago.

10. I miss Easton. And Polaris. Waco has nothing even close. When they tell you they have a mall here, don't listen. Just because they have a men's Dillards, women's Dillards, Belk, and Sears, it does not actually count as a place that's good to shop.

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Leah said...

That's definitely not how we eat barbeque in Tennessee... you're "Southern" category-lumping is unfair, and I'm calling you out on it! :) White bread sounds sick with bbq. OK: Rant=over. Yay... I'll see you in 4 days!!!