Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day?

I awoke yesterday to the radio listing the school delays. Waco school district was delayed until 10:00am, most daycares and kindergartens were closed, etc etc etc. The radio DJs kept talking about the snow and ice outside.
What? I thought. Snow, in Texas? I jumped up and went outside to take a look. Keep in mind, this was 7:15am, so nothing had had time to warm up or melt yet.
This is what I saw:
Hmm, I thought. The parking lot looks okay. Maybe the street is just really snowy and icy. I walked out to the street and here's what I saw:
Do you see any reason for school to be closed? Am I the only one who thinks people in Texas get a little crazy when it's winter?


I am write. said...

-12 inches in chicago today...awesome.

I am write. said...

hmmm...that was supposed to read "9-12" but i guess -12 works too.

Julie said...

yeah, that made me laugh. Oh, Texas. Does Sammie need artic boots for dogs? (found everywhere:
Her little paws will be so cold in the midst of the blizzard!

Kristi said...

I wonder if school in Chicago will be delayed until 10am???

Haha, and those snowboots are awesome. Sammie definitely needs them. She hates getting her paws wet!