Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sicko (not the Michael Moore version)

Here's what I have been doing the past 3 days:

1. Watched the Bravo marathon of "Shear Genius"

2. Watched the Bravo marathon of the first season of Top Chef (Katie Lee Joel hosted this season! She went to Miami!)

3. Watched Juno (which was even funnier the second time around).

4. Slept 12 hours each night, plus naps during the day.

"But wait!" You say. "Kristi, isn't this finals week? Don't you have studying to do? Don't you have to go to work? And what about supervision, and the research meeting, and heck, going to the grocery store?!"

Yeah...not happening. I have been sick with some sort of nasty stomach virus since Tuesday...I'll spare you the details even though I know you're all curious. Let's just say this is the first day I've even been able to manage getting on the computer and checking my email. I've spent the last two days completely zoned out on the couch.

Luckily, it seems like it's a pretty standard bug, and I'm feeling much better today. I still get a little dizzy when I stand up, but I've been able to eat a piece of toast and cup of chicken noodle soup, as well as take Sammie out when she rang her bell. Trust me - huge improvements over yesterday!

Dan and Sammie have both been rock stars the last few days. Dan got me tons of Sprite and soup, and he has been at my service with anything I could need. He hasn't complained about eating Wendy's and pizza for dinner. And so far, he's feeling fine. Sammie has been a little Mini-Me the past few days. She sleeps with me in my bed, then comes and sits on the floor with me in the bathroom, then comes and sleeps with me on the couch. I think she's been a little concerned about what's going on because she won't lay anywhere she's not touching me. This means she was laying her head on my face as I was talking to Dad on the phone; she was laying on my head as I was watching Juno; and currently I have my laptop precariously balanced on her as she sleeps on my lap.

The best part of all of this is how much of a break I've been able to take. I can't believe the world hasn't shut down just because I'm sick...and none of my bosses, supervisors, or professors got mad that I've taken off work and cancelled everything on my schedule! They all just tell me to "get some rest and feel better." Sounds like a plan to me. I'm not gonna lie, if it weren't for the whole being sick part, being sick would be pretty cool.

"But wait!" You say. "Shear Genius? Seriously, Kristi?! You couldn't find anything better on TV than that?" Oh come on! I'm sick!

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RDW said...

In the big scheme of life, dogs are way under-rated.