Monday, December 15, 2008

One More Week Til Christmas Break!

Guess what! I'm better. Thanks so much for all your well wishes. And here's the thing...I was sick enough that my statistics professor told me not to come to the final exam. The cumulative final over the whole semester. He said he will just average my other grades instead. This conversation happened the day before the final. I had studied approximately 10 minutes total because of being sick. Hence, it was maybe the best Christmas present I've gotten so far this year. (Besides my Clean House Clean Planet book, that is. And my bike.) Therefore, I'm not exactly regretting that I was sick. Ergo, maybe I need to get sick during finals week more often.

So now I'm done with classes for the semester! I still have work and research to do this week, but that's it. So my review of classes for the semester:

Developmental Psychopathology: I enjoyed this class a lot. I learned a ton and although we tried to cover way too much in one semester, I now have resources about lots of different childhood disorders. I think this class really has helped me shape my understanding of when and how a lot of psychopathology develops. When: during prenatal development and the first couple years of life. How: if anything goes wrong or anything that shouldn't be there exists during pregnancy or during birth; and the relationship with primary caregivers.

Statistical Methods: I was in way over my head in this class. I've realized I like math, but not so much statistics. It's way too much of an art for me - I prefer numbers and calculations to have exact answers, thankyouverymuch. But oh well. I made it through. And I may have learned something in the process.

So we are driving to Dallas, then flying from there to Columbus this Sunday, the 21st. Dan and I both work this whole week so we will be packing and getting all ready to go on Saturday. This Thursday, we have our Bible Study Christmas party, but besides that, it's a light week. Hopefully it will go somewhat quickly because we are both excited to get back to the Buckeye state!


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Glad you're better! What a way to luck out on that Statistics exam... Somehow I don't think that will work for my big exam on Friday. Bummer.