Monday, May 26, 2008

Playing with Pictures

Well, I lost my camera's battery charger...I've looked all over for it and can't find it. Dan even looked and can't find it, which means it's really lost. Dan can always find the things I lose, which happens about fifteen times a day. This is only the second time that I can remember that he's been unable to find something I lost. The first time was when I lost my keys and we both searched for them for over an hour...including covering all the apartment complex grass, asking our landlord, driving to my office to see if I left them there.... turns out they were in my purse the whole time. He was a little bitter about that, understandably I guess, but we're both perplexed with the camera charger. Where could it have gone? I always just use it right by my computer.

Anyway, I still want to learn how to put pictures in entries on this, so I guess I'll just practice with a few older ones.

This is a picture of us from Chicago, in summer 2006. This was obviously taken a while ago but turns out we don't take any pictures together except at formal events and since we live in Texas, we haven't really been to many together recently!

Here's Sammie! These are from last weekend, when Julie came and visited! Sammie fell in love with her immediately and would not stop bothering her the entire weekend. This included eating her hair, kissing her face, shoving her toys in her get the idea. She just went to the vet last week and is 7 months old and weighs 17 pounds! Here's a video of her when she was only 6 weeks and 4 pounds...


Okay, so hopefully these all worked. Happy Memorial Day everyone! We're not "celebrating" at all, although I think spending the day at home just hanging out sure feels like celebrating. I'm going to a movie with Lauren and Camden tonight, and Dan is getting ready to hand out final exams tomorrow to his 9th and 10th graders. 4 days left for him until school's out for the summer!


DanW said...

This is a great idea - we'll be able to keep up with your lives much easier than the e/mail's....
playing the piano? Keep at it, I'd love to hear you play when you're back this way.

mmw said...

Love the blog and Sammie is too cute!! She needs to come to Ohio to visit her cousins!