Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Tonight is the season finale of Lost. We have been looking forward to this since forever, because we are Lost fanatics. A lot of the books we read about marriage told us not to have a TV during the first year. Well, we ignored that and did the opposite, flying through four seasons of Lost on DVD and online (we started in January) until we caught up with this season.

Dan does not chaperone high school events. I've begged him to go to some of the dances because I think they'd be fun, some of the fundraisers because I think he would look good if he did, and on and on, but he refuses. He related an actual conversation between him and a student to Julie and me, and we about died laughing, but he was totally serious!

Dan (speaking to the student): You know how you get to see all your buddies during the school day, every day, and then when you guys have dances, you get to hang out with them Friday nights too? Well, I want to have time to hang out with my buddies too and I can't do that if I'm always chaperoning your stuff!

But the kids kept asking, and so he finally agreed that he would chaperone their last dance of the year.

Without knowing the exact date of the dance.

Turns out, it's the last day of school.


From 8-11.

Therefore, completely encompassing the Lost season finale.

And here comes the ultimate sacrifice part....
I told him I'd go with him and help chaperone instead of watching Lost without him.

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