Saturday, May 31, 2008

5 Months/ Last Day of School

Yesterday, we both woke up tired from chaperoning the school dance the night before. The school dance, by the way, consisted of three rooms of video game systems in addition to the dance floor. Dan and I both played Guitar Hero and rocked it... then we mostly hung out with the other teachers eating brownies and laughing at the kids' antics the rest of the night. It was fun, although we were there from 7-11:15 and were both exhausted by the time we got home.

Somehow, we managed to get up and drag ourselves to work. Dan actually got up on time, which may have had something to do with the fact it was his LAST DAY! I didn't get up on time whatsoever, and therefore did not shower, put on makeup, or let dear Sammie go to the bathroom before I went to work.

I got a phone call from Dan around 11:00. I was in a good mood, because I had just had an assessment with an 18 month old that went pretty well. Dan was in an even better mood, because he found out that he passed his Spanish oral exam! He had to pass this test at Advanced-Low level to get his real teacher certification (he only has a temporary one right now). I know what you're all thinking, that of course he was going to pass. But actually, this test is really hard and a lot of people "fail" it because they get Intermediate-high ranking. So he was really nervous and has been worrying about it since he took the test several weeks ago. So it was such a relief to find out he passed it and now can become a real certified teacher!

I stayed at the clinic until 1:00. But then it was time to come home and prepare to celebrate! I made a homemade key lime pie, which turned out awful so I'm not going to bother to share the recipe. (It tasted like a big hunk of cream cheese, basically). But it was fun to make and looked really pretty. Unfortunately I let it chill before I took the picture, so the wording ran into the icing:

It says "Congrats! School's out! 6 on Test! 5 Months!" The 6 on the test refers to the Spanish test, and the 5 months refers to...our five month anniversary, which was also yesterday! So we decided to open up a bottle of champagne that Matt and Leah got us for our wedding. That's in the picture too.

I also made dinner, "Herbed Salmon with Mixed Greens" from Cooking Light, which turned out delicious. After dinner, of course we watched Lost season finale online. All in all, a great night.


mmw said...

Sounds yummy! I'd like to make reservations for 6/20-6/22.

Scott said...

hmmm...where did you get cooking light from? probably from someone really cool!

Kristi said...

Yeah some guy ordered it for me for my birthday...which by the way is coming up in less than a month....hint hint!