Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Child, Get Up!

">Talitha Koum

Okay, I'm not sure if this link works or not, but here is a link to Talitha Koum, which I do a lot of work at. It's a therapeutic nursery that serves the most disadvantaged people in Waco. They work with kids who are infants to age 6 and the goal is to get them ready to succeed in school and in life through what they've learned at Talitha Koum. I do play therapy with one child, and I also lead a stress management group for the teachers there. I also do testing on the kids to see where they're at with their cognitive, language, and motor abilities. It's a great place and it makes me so thankful for the childhood I have. You should hear the words that come out of these kids' mouths (I'll give you a hint - I didn't know them until I was WAY older than 6!) and the ideas they have about how life works. However, it's so neat that we are at least able to help out some kids and hopefully make a difference in their lives. Anyway, I'm actually going over there right now but I just wanted to show you all where I spend my Wednesdays.

By the way, Talitha Koum is an aramaic phrase in the Bible that Jesus uses when he is raising a young girl from death to life. It means, "My Child, Get up!"

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JulieWolfe said...

I didn't know that's what talitha koum meant!
that's really neat. plus I liked those kids when I saw them :)
(they liked me too!)