Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Blogger is acting really funny. I uploaded a whole bunch of pictures and it won't let me move them around at all. I've been playing with it for a while, and I'm sure there's probably some way to get it to work right, but instead you're just going to get to see the pictures in random order! Think of it as Memento for blogs...minus the whole plot thing...

Here's Dan on Friday night. We went to Diamondback's, a fancy steakhouse in Waco, to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! It was a little late since Dan had been sick, but it was worth the wait. We had a great evening out and had amazing food. I'm actually sort of glad we didn't end up doing anything when we were in Columbus, because otherwise I don't think we would have been eating at Diamondback's anytime soon!

Okay, this is Camden and I last night. Camden had the great idea to start a new tradition in 2010 where we cooked dinner together the first weekend of every month. We're going to try to learn new techniques or try new types of dishes. Last night, Dan and Sammie and I went over to their house and Camden and I cooked an entire Indian meal! We made chicken, a vegetable curry, turmeric rice, and then the boys picked out wine to go with it. The evening was a complete success.
I really don't understand how these are this out of order, and why I can't fix it! Grr!! Anyway, this is from Christmas break when I was sick...
Here's Dan with his steak filet at Diamondback's:
Here's me...I got salmon but this picture is before the food came.
Here are Julie and I on Christmas Eve:
And Dan and I the same night:
And the best for last! Dan and Sammie snuggling. Isn't she just the most adorable dog you have ever seen. All together now: Awwwwwww...

Today is the last Sunday before classes start...Dan has class tomorrow straight from 9:30am to 5:00pm with no breaks! Luckily, Mondays are his only day like that. He'll have 2 or 3 classes on Tuesday - Thursday, and none on Friday. I still work MWF and I'll have class from 8:00-11:00am on Tuesday and Thursday. I'll tell you more about our classes once we actually have them.

One last picture - I know you are jealous of my family! :)


Julie said...

sammie is so cute! i love how her little paws are all curled together. also, the memento comment made me laugh.

mmw said...

Aww I think Sammie missed you guys! Although she should be wearing her slanket..

Oh, and it's good to see pics of you and Dan too!