Friday, January 15, 2010

I Cooked a Chicken!

You guys! I did it! I cooked a chicken! Not just a chicken breast or thighs...but a whole darn chicken! It was so freaking cool.

The best part was, it was really easy. I followed the directions from this blog to do it in the crockpot. And I didn't even know where to buy a whole chicken at the grocery store, but it was right with the divided up chicken that I normally that was easy. And it was way cheaper to buy it this way so I bought organic chicken, so that was nice too. The whole prepping part took me about oh...five minutes. I just put it in the crockpot and it was all ready at dinner time! I thought I would have to carve it like a turkey or something, but I didn't - the meat just came right off the bone using tongs. We just ate it with some roasted veggies and it was delicious, although next time I might try some sort of sauce. And there was a TON left over, so we froze some of it to use in the future and I'm going to make soup from some of it too.

So the point is, you should do it!


Julie said...

dear future kristi,
i'm proud that you cooked a chicken and that you were able to post 5 days in the future! crazy!

Diana said...

leave it to julie to see the byline and actually read it! This is great, I made fried chicken ONCE. I was expecting a blog on a new dog?!

mmw said...

enough chicken to make buffalo chicken dip??

RDW said...

Are you now ready for beer can chicken?