Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's over! Next up - the marathon!

Well, that week is over. You know that week, think back to college days. It's the week that somehow seems to happen every semester, no matter which classes you're taking. Where each professor decides that specific week would be a good one to give huge exams, and then somehow it always coincides with everything else ever in your life.

Last week, Dan and I pretty much hunkered down and studied all week. We didn't go to our church small group, we didn't go on walks with Sammie every night...instead, my time was split between being in front of my neuroscience book studying drugs and the brain, and being in front of my computer typing out answers to a take-home test for psychodynamic psychology. Dan was working on a group project and studying for a test in Organizational Behavior, and he also took a trip to Dallas on Friday to visit Baylor Medical Center.

But - it all came to an end! It's over! I took my neuroscience test, turned in my twelve page single spaced take home test, and finished the discussion section to my research paper for my lab. Dan finished his stuff, went to Dallas, and last night we celebrated being done with that week with a dinner out at Carino's - yum!

And next week at this time, I'll be running the Columbus Marathon!! Crazy! I looked at the weather earlier and there's a 40 percent chance of showers, so hopefully that will go away within the next week. We're coming home Thursday night, going to Rachel and Ryan's wedding on Friday, relaxing on Saturday, running a marathon (me) and coming home to Waco (both of us) on Sunday, and returning to work/school on Monday! Yeah, it's going to be a little tiring but I'm so excited. I barely have any running to do this week; I'm already a little stir crazy because today is supposed to be a 'rest' day - I hate those! Okay, normally I don' t hate those, but I've had way too many rest days the past week and I'm feeling the need to RUN! I guess that's a good sign, I think that's how you're supposed to feel your last week of tapering. But ugh - I honestly feel like I'm going to have to control myself from not sneaking out the door and running around the Bear Trail. This training experience has been a little different for me than last time - I am feeling much slower and way less prepared - but it's good to know that tapering still has the same effects, it makes me feel like I must have been training right anyway.

Stay tuned! T - 7 days until the marathon! T - 4 days until we're back in Westerville for the first time since last Christmas!


Julie said...

hooray hooray hooray!

Diana said...

see you soon!! my hamstring is starting to have ghost pains.....!

RDW said...

Weatherman today says it will be 32 degrees early Sunday AM for the run. Brrrr!