Friday, September 25, 2009


The weekend after we came back from Colorado, Kelly and Scott visited. For those of you who don't know them, Kelly is one of my best friends and she was a bridesmaid in our wedding. They were on a trip visiting potential seminaries and made a special side trip down to Waco to come see us! We felt very loved and did our best to give them a feel for our Texas life during the 24 hours they were here. Unfortunately it rained - poured - the entire time they were here, so we didn't get to walk around much. We still took them to some of our favorite restaurants, showed them where we work and go to school, and gave them as much time bonding with Sammie as they could handle. (I know, we are so generous.)

Thanks for coming, Scott and Kelly!

The weekend after that, Dan's parents came to visit! We also had a great time and were pretty spoiled by going out to dinner every night and getting one of these with Fogle spelled out, which may be the absolute coolest thing I have ever owned. We had some interesting experiences - there's something about the Fogle men which causes old ladies and other random people to spontaneously talk to them about the most random things! Dan actually had a lady sing some song about Michigan to him in the middle of a store. That story really makes just as much sense to me as it does to you. Of course, we forgot to take usual.

And now we're back in an apartment by ourselves. Which is good in some ways but also sad. Luckily, this weekend is Dan's 25th birthday so we have lots of plans. And he already went through his quarter-life crisis last year so there's no worrying about that. All he has to worry about is that he asked for a suit for his birthday, which makes him kind of old and really lame.

Marathon training update - I have my 20 mile run tomorrow - yikes! I'm on call for the counseling center so I will be running the entire thing with my phone clipped to my shorts and a pen and paper stuck in the pocket in my tank top, along with my shot bloks. It's my longest run of training and after this I start tapering ... just over three weeks to go until the big day!

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Good luck on your run!!!