Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Winding down the Year

I have TWO more days to go at the Speech Clinic! I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by. (Do I say that in every post? Well, it's true.) My last day is Monday, June 29th. Then I get a break from practicum for Wednesday and Friday, and start at the Counseling Center on Monday, July 6th.

I'm continuing my life-long (minus last year) streak of not having to work or do anything on my birthday. Because it's in the summer, I never had to go to school in grade school or college. When I had part-time jobs, I always took the day off. Our first year in Texas, it was a Sunday. Last year is the only year that I haven't succeeded in having a commitment free birthday, because I had class! (I can hear Grandma right now in my head, saying "Horrors! You poor thing!") Well, this year I was determined to get back to my usual laziness, and I did. Well, full disclosure: I didn't have to do anything - that's just the way the schedule worked out. So I will be turning 24 on Wednesday and spending a good part of it laying by the pool.

So anyway, I get a little break and then I'll be starting at the Counseling Center. I've been thinking a lot about how different it will be. Although I'm excited to start, I'm the kind of person who doesn't like transitions. Change always sounds good to me right up until the time I actually have to do something new, and then I decide I'm comfortable where I'm at, thankyouverymuch. So I've been preparing myself and thinking a lot about what I've learned this year at the speech clinic.

1. I've gotten pretty good at understanding kids who are either really young, have a speech disorder, or both. My husband is completely amazed by this talent, and enjoys listening to me converse with two-year-olds and other young kids, because before this year he really didn't think they were speaking English - he's still not sure.

2. I have gotten a lot better at diagnosing autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, and emotional disorders, especially in children.

3. I've gotten practice with family therapy and play therapy.

4. I've become very experienced with anxiety-related therapy.

5. I may not want to spend the rest of my career at a place where they have unlimited ice-cream sandwiches, chocolate milk, soda, and donuts, unless I want to become obese. (Dan the other night at dinner, commenting on our surplus of donuts: "The donuts are just so good! They're calling to me, saying, 'Eat me, I'm tasty! But I'm gonna give you di-uh-bee-tuhs!'"

6. I have become a lot more experienced in dealing with parents. It's hard sometimes to ask them very blunt questions, or to have to give them bad news! But I've done this a lot and it's a lot easier now.

7. I want an office with windows.

8. I really like writing psychological reports. This is very unusual. It's kind of like the kid who considers math their favorite subject. Oh wait, that was me too. Oh well - I'm weird.

9. How to give speeches - to people who are way older and more experienced than me - and not sound completely terrible.

10. I really like being able to walk to work! Luckily, this will continue next year.

One last note - it's been two years since the move to Texas! (Let's all say it together - "Wow, I can't believe how fast time flies!")


Julie said...

I like reading what you've learned. You're a smart little cookie!

Also, Ms. Psychology, why don't you and I like change? (Does anybody actually like change?)

RDW said...

Happy Birthday! (PS - did you know Michael Phelps was born the day before you?)....contemplate THAT at the pool.