Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh yeah, I have a blog...?

Don't worry, we're still alive and kickin' down here in Waco. For the last two weeks, life has pretty much been consumed by school for both of us. This leaves precious little time for other things such as you know, each other...

But it's not that bad. For both of us, summer classes are just pretty difficult and time consuming. Adding in the fact we both have jobs and plenty of other commitments, the days can stretch out pretty long. But after July's over, things will calm down a little.

And we are having fun. Dan's really enjoying school - well, as much as you can enjoy something that's super challenging and time consuming! It's really looking like he made the perfect choice to go back to school. We are just praising God for the way things worked out.

In Sammie news, she's learned how to pull my hairtie out of my pontail while I'm sitting on the couch, so that keeps her entertained. Also, she just got a new toy that holds an empty water bottle inside of it. She is sad that we're now taking our after-dinner walks later in the evening, since it's pretty much a sauna outside until 9:00 or so, so every night from about 7:00 on she sits by the door and waits until we go.

Well, summer posts will probably continue to be somewhat short and sweet, unless something important happens. Or unless the temperature goes back below 95, because then maybe I'll have a little more energy... :)

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