Monday, March 16, 2009

This Post May Be the Result of a Lost Bet...

Go Mizzou. You are better than Baylor.

I wore this shirt today and was asked "Hey wait, isn't that the wrong school?"

"Why yes, you're right! It is not the team we were rooting for. But since it was the school that won the basketball game Saturday, I therefore lost a bet with Scott Naples, and am now wearing a Mizzou shirt around campus."

I wasn't brave enough to ask anyone on campus to take a picture of me, so I had Dan do it when I got home, which was post-workout. Therefore I'm glowing a little in this picture!

And I also took a picture of Dan, but he refused to wear a Mizzou shirt today, due to the fact that he's a teacher or something. Scott, you can take it up with him.

Oh and of course, here's Sammers looking out the window...this is one of her normal spots while I'm on the computer. She doesn't have a Mizzou shirt to wear, so she was safe from this bet.

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mmw said...

it's a good thing you didn't spill anything on that shirt...accidentally of course..