Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coincidence...or Just My Aura?

There's a possibility I have developed some sort of odd electromagnetic field surrounding me lately...I'm not sure how else to explain the fact that both my computer battery and car battery have died within the past week!

This weekend, my computer battery decided it only wanted to charge up to 20% rather than its usual 100%. After numerous attempts to re-calibrate it and update its bios and put it in the freezer wrapped in a dishtowel, it's currently charging up to 16%. (Okay, I didn't actually put it in the freezer, but that was one of the suggestions I read!) The most frustrating thing is I just bought this battery in late November. Unfortunately, does not believe that they could have sold me a problematic battery, so I guess I'm living with this for now.

Then, about two days ago, I noticed my car took a little more time to start up than usual. Well, what do you know but last night it wouldn't start at all! I was on campus, so we ended up jumping it and driving it home. It's sitting in our parking lot right now until we jump it again and take it somewhere to get a new battery. (I'm definitely praying that's what the problem is, as opposed to something more major.)

I'm a little nervous because I know these things happen in threes. What battery is going to die next? 

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