Sunday, February 15, 2009

"You Really Should Get on Every Day for Results..."

I know, I know - it's been a little while since my last post. 

Here's the thing - it's kind of like my Wii Fit. When I turn on the Wii Fit, even if it's only been two or three DAYS since I last gone on, it yells at me and tells me I need to get on every day.

Last time I stepped on, it literally squealed at me and asked me if I'd been eating too much at night, eating too many sweets, or watching too much TV instead of exercising.

That was two weeks ago. I've been avoiding it (him? her?) ever since, and the longer I go, the more scared I am to get back on!

That's kind of what happened here. I mean...hopefully you guys aren't going to make me choose if I was snacking too much or eating too many sweets to post. But if I did have to make some excuses about what I've been doing the last week instead of blogging, these are the buttons I'd push:

- Research. Sigh...the bane of my existence. I'm trying to get a proposal ready by March 2nd in order to present at a conference in November. Considering I'm just now figuring out the results of my data, I have been working my butt off to try to be ready by the deadline.

-Work. Work has exploded lately, and somehow I've let my boundaries get pushed aside enough to be working more than the 20 hours per week I get paid for. I've got 5 therapy clients, 5 assessment clients, and 2 presentations for teachers, Speech-Language pathologists, and parents, that I'm working on and supposed to be presenting in the next few weeks. Um, yes, I took on slightly too much at one time.

-Lost and Top Chef. You know me! We have made Wednesday nights our official TV night around here. We have our friends Sean and Faith come over, and we all watch our two favorite shows. 

-School. We're getting into the semester full swing, and as much as I'd love to hope it would get better soon, I have two major exams coming up in the next two weeks. Yuck!

-Friends. This is a good one! We've been spending a lot of time with friends lately, whether it's going to dinner with friends from our Fellowship Family, or playing Catchphrase with the whole group. Yesterday, we went to Tehuacana Creek with friends and enjoyed a bottle of wine out on the back porch for a Valentine's Day afternoon treat. It's been great, and we feel like we've really been getting to know people on a much deeper level recently.

Now I'm off to the clinic for another assessment... when we test kids for ADHD, if they're already on medicine, we ask them to take them off it for one session while we test all the ADHD domains. Today's the day for my little kid I'm working with right now, and consequently, I think we'll both be in for an interesting afternoon!

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mmw said...

Sorry you are having a busy week! But I think it's part of your blog headliner... life in the real world.