Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Husband Exists!

Just a couple random things to share today...

Dan was just here over Labor Day weekend. We had such a good time. It's really hard when he leaves, for some reason, it's harder right after we see each other than it is after it's been a couple weeks. Not what I would have predicted but I guess it makes sense in some ways.

While he was here, we went to Westfest. I don't really know how to explain Westfest. It's supposed to be a festival about Czechoslovakian heritage, because most of the people who live in West, TX are I guess kind of like Oktoberfest for Germans. But in Texas. With polka. And lots of beer (which they call pivo). And karaoke. And more polka. It's quite the event. We went our first year with Sean and Faith and Lauren, so we all decided we needed to bookend our Waco years by going to Westfest one more time our last year here. (It sounds so weird to say that it's our last year here but it's true!)

We also went out to eat. Like, more times than we would normally go out to eat in a month. Somehow it just feels like a vacation every time we visit each other so we end up eating out a lot. Plus, Dan misses Waco food. So we went to eat at Homestead Heritage (amazing!), Westfest, Denny's... yes, we did go to Denny's. We tried to go to Cafe Cappuccino but they apparently are closed for Labor Day. So we went to Denny's instead...I know my dad is jealous right now. :)

We also just hung out a lot. Went and sat at a coffee shop and talked for a few hours. Took Sammie on a bunch of walks.  It was great.

Oh and the best part of the weekend was Dan cleaned the apartment for me! The worst part was that he told me I'd been doing a horrible job of keeping it clean. I tried to argue but then he showed me the cloth he was using for dusting and there was no arguing. I guess I'm just not meant to be good at cleaning....sigh....

I see him again in two weeks! I head up to KCMO and we will be celebrating Dan's 26th birthday!

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