Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I don't know if I'm happy or sad!

It's my last day at the Counseling Center - I'm sad!

Tomorrow I turn 25 - I'm happy but also a little sad!  (I really think that is the official adult age, I can no longer the "just got out of college" phase...even though I'm still in college sort of, sigh)

I go visit Dan tomorrow in Kansas City - I'm happy!

It's my last day of summer session 1 class tomorrow - I'm happy! I have to present three separate times tomorrom - I'm sad!

I'm officially a fourth year because the first years have now started - I'm happy but also still don't feel like this can actually be true! But I have to start doing lots of work on my dissertation - sad. But I get paid to do all that work! Paid more than I have any year before - happy!

I could go on and on but just thought I would inform you of how crazy I'm feeling right now. It's been a good last day at the Counseling Center though. I have said some goodbyes to some great people that I've loved working with. The best part is now we get to be friends rather than coworkers/supervisors/etc...which is really a lot easier and at times more fun. Tonight I have to say goodbye to Sammie as well since I'm leaving her with Matthew and Camden for the week while I go to Kansas City.

Thanks for putting up with me getting out all my feelings here! Here's to a great year of being 24!


Anonymous said...

Happy early birthday and so excited for you that you get to go spend a week w/ Dan! And congrats on being a fourth year! Love you friend!! :)

Diana said...

happy birthday, and wow how many people get to experience as much as you have, in such a short period of time!!?