Monday, April 12, 2010


Easter was two weeks ago. If we were home with our families in Ohio, we would have celebrated with them, but we weren't, so we didn't. But we still enjoyed ourselves - we went to church and then spent the day with friends and had a great time. We also did a few other activities to celebrate the holiday.

Here is Dan the day before at Tehaucana Creek Winery. Actually, this had nothing to do with Easter, but it was just a really nice day so we went out there and sat outside for a couple hours while enjoying some Mulsum wine. He was having trouble when I was trying to take pictures of him because he was staring into the sun...
Here's me:
Then, we had an Easter Egg hunt! Dan and I each hid eggs for each other with candy in them. We also hid a few with dog treats for Sammie. Here's Dan helping Sammie find one of her eggs:
Found it!
Then it was my turn. I went through the entire downstairs of our apartment without finding a single egg until Dan started giving me hints. It was not because I am that awful at egg finding - he just hid them in really hard places! Exhibit A: He hid one in a box that holds my brand new ravioli cutter.
Dan then went through the upstairs and found his. He did a much better job finding them than I did, although he still needed a few hints! Here he is pulling one out of my boot:
So, now you know what went on in our household for Easter! Maybe next year we will even do baskets!


Anonymous said...

Fun!!! You two are cute. :)

How does the ravioli cutter work??? Have you used it yet? How fun!

Kristi said...

I haven't used it yet at home but we used it in my cooking class. It's just like a cookie cutter except it's square with the ridged edges like you see on ravioli. You just cut out the ravioli shapes, put the filling on one side, and then press two sides together. It was easy at the cooking class - but always another story when you try to do something like that yourself. :)