Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Day in the Life of Sammie

Remember when you guys asked for this, like, 6 months ago? Well, your wish is my command - and my apologies for the lateness! But here it is, a day in the life of Sammie.

Sammie usually sleeps under the covers in between her mom and dad. When we wake up and get out of bed, she stays under the covers and somehow is able to wrap them all around her so that you have no idea she's even under there.

Then she slowly peeks her head out from under the covers and waits for a while until she decides she's ready to get up...

See, here she is!
Because Dan doesn't have class until 9:30, he usually goes into the office and reads his email and Bible for a while after he wakes up. Sammie has her own special chair that she sits in while he does this.
Then she goes to the kitchen for a few hours while we're at work and/or school. When we get back, Sammie goes right to the couch and stretches out...she sure was cramped being forced to stay in the kitchen all day!
If she gets cold, she wraps herself up in a blanket. Dan guessed that Sammie spends approximately 50% of her time curled up in blankets.
The other 50%? Somehow squished in a small space as close as possible to her mommy or daddy.

If we go upstairs to the office to do homework or check email, Sammie comes up too. She likes to keep watch over the neighborhood while we're working.

Of course, if you try to sit in her chair and do your studying, she'll be sure to let you know that it's her domain.
If it's a weeknight, Sammie then gets to eat dinner, go on a walk, and then snuggle some more with her daddy.
If it's a weekend night, however, she goes out on the town! Sometimes she gets to play her favorite card game, Euchre.
And then it's back to bed and the whole cycle starts over again...I know, she has a hard life. :)


Julie said...

yay! finally! this made me laugh and Sammie is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! :) I love that she curls herself up in blankets. Love you, friend!

mmw said...

Awwwww this was awesome! Maybe she'll get a slanket for her birthday...

Diana said...

I am laughing out loud - at work!! how does she handle the stress?! poor thing, such uncaring parents....treating her like an animal....