Thursday, December 3, 2009

Will you pretty please vote for me?

My recipe is up! And I am up against some people with much better salesmanship and photography skills than I I need you guys to help me out!

Go there, and scroll down to "Kristi's Brie and Cherry Kolaches" and rate my recipe! You can give it anywhere from 1 to 5 stars and then the recipe with the highest rating wins. I'm not expecting to win first place but it does go all the way to fourth place, so I'd love it if you would help me have a shot!


Jakk Bloggs said...

I gave it 5 :D woop !

Ricki said...

Hi Kristi,
Thanks so much for your comment on my blog and for entering the Healthy Baking Kit giveaway! But there aren't any cacao nibs in it. . . not sure what you were thinking of-? :)

Kristi said...

haha, wow, that's what i get for not readying the directions carefully! i was just looking around on iherb's website at the different things they had that looked neat besides the stuff that was in the giveaway. rest assured i would love all that too! clearly it is too close to final exams right now and my brain is fried :)

Diana said...

is it too late to vote? I couldn't find any stars to click on....or do I have to register?

Kristi said...

it's over now - but thanks for trying! sadly, no win - but i'll try again next time!