Friday, April 3, 2009

1 Bad Thing and 2 Good Things

Next week, I have two exams - yuck! It will actually be the first time I've had two exams in one week since undergrad. I know most of you don't feel sorry for me, but it makes it really tough when you work full days on Monday and Wednesday to take one exam Tuesday and one Thursday. So, think of me next week.

The good news is that after my exams are over, I have Friday and Monday off of work for Easter. (Yeah, we get that here at Baylor - don't you all wish your job was for a Christian workplace!) And Dad and Diane are coming to visit! We are going to show them around Waco, introduce them to their granddog (the most important thing, obvi), and do some shopping and golfing. Can you guess who will be shopping and who will be golfing? (Hint: Dan's been practicing his swing in the kitchen again!)

And finally, I want to let you know that sometime this weekend, there will be a post from a guest blogger! Now I don't want you to get really excited and then feel let down, so I will just tell you right off the bat that it isn't Sammie. She hasn't quite mastered her typing skills yet, and she really doesn't have a whole lot to say beyond "Outside! Food! Squirrel! Bone! Outside!" But there will be a post from someone else who has some exciting news to share with you. You may want to wait at your computer all weekend, hitting the "refresh" button on the blog every 30 seconds or so just so you don't miss it.

Happy Friday!

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Julie said...

What?? No Sammie post? Is it Gus-gus?