Wednesday, November 24, 2010


You guys!!

 Actually, I got TWO! Today!

I just checked my email, while I was at Drug Court actually, and the invitations were both there waiting for me. I am so excited. I don't think I am going to post the specific details on here in case anybody is out there Googling me. :) But I will be in Columbus for a whole 48 hours for an interview on December 10th. :) And then I will be traveling to Nebraska in January. And I've been invited to both child sites and counseling centers. Yay. I'm so excited. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Another Update interviews yet. Most other people have gotten at least one. I haven't. It's kind of scary but also a little early still to be worrying...but it's hard not to. It's hard to see everybody all excited for their interviews, because I really want to be excited for them, but also I just want to get one. :(

So there's that. I promise I'll update as soon as I hear anything positive. That just hasn't happened yet.

In other, better, news, we are having Thanksgiving with Camden and Matthew again this year and I am SO excited. Camden and I have it all planned out. Dan gets in at 10:45 Thanksgiving morning, so we will be driving over there right from the airport and beginning the feast.  We're trying some new recipes this year, mainly Cooking Light, so if any of them work out I'll post them here. I will give you a sneak peek at one because I made it this morning and it was amazing:

Cooking Light Chocolate Fudge Pie

And because it's Cooking Light, that means it has no calories. :)

Okay. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! To those of you in Ohio, I miss you and wish that we could be there. To everyone else...Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


You guys. I did it. I turned in all my internship applications. Now it's just a waiting game...scary! But at least it's out of my hands for right now.

So what have I been doing? Well, I was in Dallas this past week for the annual Texas Psychological Association conference. I had a great time. My friend/classmate Kelsie and I were presenting together, so we pricelined a room, and got to stay at Le Meridien for $45 a night! Sweet. On Thursday morning, four of us from the Counseling Center led a workshop called "Coloring Outside the Lines: Innovative Group Therapy Techniques with Millenials."  Well, actually I guess technically it was two psychologists from the Counseling Center and then two past practicum students. Same thing. :) Anyway, Susie and I talked about the grief group that we led last year and how we integrated grief and bereavement within the framework of attachment theory and positive psychology.  (Yes, I quoted that right from the brochure.)

On Friday, while at the conference, I went to an all-day workshop on Parent-Child Relationship Training. It was actually a great experience and I learned a lot. If you're interested, check it out here.   Just a warning, there was obviously not too much money to spend on website development. But anyway, great training, and really glad I went.

Other than that...I've been running!! White Rock half marathon coming up the first weekend in December!! It's going to be scary because this is the first time I'm running a long distance with the goal of not just finishing it, but actually getting somewhat of a decent time. That makes me nervous and I don't really like it. But we'll see how it goes...It's been fun training for it, anyway. We've been doing things like "speed workouts" and "tempo runs" that previously weren't part of my vocabulary. Or my workouts. And I can tell I am getting better so that's kind of cool.

So that's that! I'm slowly recovering from the craziness of October. I don't know what the next few months will be like. In some ways probably just as crazy... but I don't know, it feels so good to have all that over with.  I hope you're all doing well! I'll see most of you next month!

Monday, October 11, 2010


So it's been a month. In the past month, I've pretty much been up to my ears in internship applications, dissertation work, and...well, mostly those. Remember when I thought fourth year was going to be easier? That was hilarious. It reminds me of the little kids who can't wait to be grown-ups because then they can do whatever they want. In some ways, there's a bit of truth in that statement. But in other ways, being a kid is way better.

After typing that, I realize that's debatable and probably not true. But the overall point is that fourth year is hard. And the month of October during the fourth year is the hardest....which is why it has been renamed "Blacktober."

October used to be a great month. When I lived in Ohio, the trees actually changed colors. The weather was cooling off enough for a jacket. I have memories of bonfires, pumpkin patches, and jumping in piles of leaves.  But here in Texas? Well, it still looks like July outside. And it still feels like July as well! Maybe not that bad, but it's been in the high 80s with no signs of dropping. The trees are perfectly green.  I got to wear my jacket for one day but then it warmed right back up. So, not really fall. And all I've been doing is internship stuff.

Well, that's not actually true - there have been some bright spots amidst the constant internship related nervous breakdowns.  So let me share with you some of the fun stuff I've been doing the past month.
1) Leah came to visit! So much fun. We did all the typical Waco things (Spice, Sebas Cocina, Congress Clothing, the bears) and also just spent time hanging out. Seriously, so much fun. We're now trying to scheme and get my internship and her residency in the same location. :)
2) Julie came to visit! Also wonderful. She came during an extremely stressful week so she pretty much took care of me, by cooking, going to the grocery store, and taking Sammie out a bunch. Yeah, probably not what she was hoping for in a vacation.... but oh well. The best part of her visit was when we ran the MudQuest run. It was 7 miles of pure craziness. Actually, I'll put up a separate post for that so I can include all the pictures. But definitely a highlight of her visit and probably a highlight of the year.
3) Dan has been visiting or I've been going up to KC every 2 to 3 weeks. It's made life a little crazy but it's pretty much just non-negotiable for both of us.  But it's already October (Excuse me, Blacktober) so that means there are about two months left of his internship! We are already five months down!

Just as an FYI, my internship applications are all due between October 31st and November 15th. I should start hearing about interviews as soon as I turn in my applications but the latest that I will hear is December 15th. Interviews are in December and January. Based on where I'm applying, next year I (we) could end up in Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska, or Oklahoma.

Back to my cover letters....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Husband Exists!

Just a couple random things to share today...

Dan was just here over Labor Day weekend. We had such a good time. It's really hard when he leaves, for some reason, it's harder right after we see each other than it is after it's been a couple weeks. Not what I would have predicted but I guess it makes sense in some ways.

While he was here, we went to Westfest. I don't really know how to explain Westfest. It's supposed to be a festival about Czechoslovakian heritage, because most of the people who live in West, TX are I guess kind of like Oktoberfest for Germans. But in Texas. With polka. And lots of beer (which they call pivo). And karaoke. And more polka. It's quite the event. We went our first year with Sean and Faith and Lauren, so we all decided we needed to bookend our Waco years by going to Westfest one more time our last year here. (It sounds so weird to say that it's our last year here but it's true!)

We also went out to eat. Like, more times than we would normally go out to eat in a month. Somehow it just feels like a vacation every time we visit each other so we end up eating out a lot. Plus, Dan misses Waco food. So we went to eat at Homestead Heritage (amazing!), Westfest, Denny's... yes, we did go to Denny's. We tried to go to Cafe Cappuccino but they apparently are closed for Labor Day. So we went to Denny's instead...I know my dad is jealous right now. :)

We also just hung out a lot. Went and sat at a coffee shop and talked for a few hours. Took Sammie on a bunch of walks.  It was great.

Oh and the best part of the weekend was Dan cleaned the apartment for me! The worst part was that he told me I'd been doing a horrible job of keeping it clean. I tried to argue but then he showed me the cloth he was using for dusting and there was no arguing. I guess I'm just not meant to be good at cleaning....sigh....

I see him again in two weeks! I head up to KCMO and we will be celebrating Dan's 26th birthday!

Monday, August 30, 2010


What up blog readers!

I have exciting news. I'm signed up for the Mud Quest Adventure Run coming up this October in West, Texas. It's a 6.5 mile run where somehow they fit in 30 obstacles throughout the course, such as...well... I'm not quite sure. From what I can tell, they mostly involve getting muddy in different ways. And some involve trying to slide under barbed wire. And running through creeks or something.  If you are curious what this is, check out the video on the website:

And... I'm running it alone.

Haha, just kidding, that would be really strange. Actually, I'm running it with Julie and about 5 other friends from down here. And it's definitely not too late to sign up so if you have any interest... we are always open to adding more to our group.

Also, I registered for the Match this week. It's official - I'm applying to internships this year!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hola :)

So here's the deal. I got busy, didn't really have anything exciting to say, didn't blog for a while, then it got awkward so I didn't blog for a little longer, then it just got really awkward and I couldn't think of anything important enough to restart with. Also most of you are on Facebook so you kind of knew what was going on. But I'm back. I missed blogging and I didn't want this page to die off.

So, here we are. I never did find that all-important post to start back up again with, but...oh well.

Dan's still in Kansas City. (Dad- until December since I know you have already forgotten again!) It kind of sucks. His internship is going great - they told him they saw a lot of "leadership potential" in him and they've been giving him all sorts of responsibilities which he's handling like a champ. We miss each other though. Long-distance marriage kind of stinks. We've sort of been spending our paychecks like whoa though and seeing each other every 2-3 weeks. I don't think we'll be able to keep that up throughout the fall but it's nice when we can do it.

Umm, my life has changed quite a bit. I've become the most social I've ever been in my life. I don't know what happened. I've had lots of cooking dates, movie dates, and running dates so far and it's been great. My school and work are in a lot of ways the last thing on my mind because I have so many fun things planned. (Although I think that's going to change now that fall semester is starting...) I told Dan that when he comes back we're probably going to have to keep this up to some extent at least and he's excited. I really have no idea how I turned into the biggest extrovert ever but it's fun!

I start class this week: Group Psychotherapy, and Memory and Cognition. Both are classes I'm excited about and I think this semester will be so much less stressful than the spring semester was.

Well...not sure if you guys are still out there, but if you are, "Hi!" and I'm not trying to hide!